Why I'm Running

For some time now, my neighbors and friends among the broader community have asked me about pursuing a seat on City Council.  I’m not a political person by nature, but having served the Charlottesville community in various ways—including my role as leader of the North Downtown Residents Association—I have received strong encouragement to get more heavily involved in how our City is managed and governed.

I know that serving as a member of Council is an important and significant endeavor.  For some time I considered whether this was the right choice for me, my family, and most of all, the Charlottesville community.

After much reflection, it’s clear that the time to step up is now. I have three young children and I want Charlottesville to be their home for decades to come. I want to apply my skills, my energy, my passion, and my commitment to our local needs to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

I have the experience to serve this City. Through my professional efforts and volunteer work in our community I have engaged with our City’s neighborhoods and built strong ties with families throughout our community.  

I am energized at the idea of making Charlottesville a better place for all who call it home. We need a city that is responsive to the needs of the community. We need a city that is efficient in how it uses its limited resources. And we need a city that establishes clear priorities and is accountable for getting them done.

Charlottesville is all of our home. This is where many of us will raise our young children. It is from this community that those children will learn their values, embrace diversity of people and thought as we prepare them for the challenges of adulthood beyond Charlottesville’s borders.  

There are countless things that make Charlottesville special for many of us, and I do believe there are areas we are making great strides.  I feel my commitment to this community, coupled with a professional background, makes me a unique candidate.   I am a wife, a mother, a neighbor, an engaged community leader, an engineer, and a business person.  This broad collection of life experience will help me understand your perspective, even when it is different than mine.

Look for me in your neighborhood in the coming months.  I will be most often wearing my running shoes and a safety yellow shirt which bears my name, purchased with expert guidance of the great folks at two local businesses: Ragged Mountain Running Shop and CustomInk.  

I am Heather Hill.  I am running for City Council.  And I am ready to LISTEN, to ENGAGE, and to ACT.