Testimonials and Endorsements

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Bill downs

I am fortunate to have met Heather Hill through our volunteer work with The Design House, a benefit for the Shelter for Help in Emergency, the Central Virginia service for victims and families affected by domestic violence. Heather and I served together as committee chairs for this large scale fundraising event.  Heather was instrumental in growing this event during it's critical early years. She brought her unique combination of intelligence, insight, dedication and humor to this team project.

It is clear from working with Heather that she is both an engineer and manager in her approach - she sees the big picture while addressing the details. I enjoy working with her because she is both serious about the task at hand and seriously fun to be around.  Heather will bring great energy and dedication to City Council!

Susan Riddle

Heather Hill moving to our street  was just about the best thing to happen to our neighborhood.  From leading the North Downtown Residents Association, to opening up her home to neighbors for a gathering during the 2016 snow storm, to hosting the annual ice cream social for our street and so many other events that have brought people from all parts of the Charlottesville community together, Heather seems to do everything so effortlessly and effectively.  I feel because of Heather we have become a really close-knit community with a willingness to work together for something larger.

eric anderson

Heather Hill has gone beyond providing support during my time as Head of School at International School of Charlottesville. She has been the Superwoman of support, the creme-de-la-creme as they say in our French department, the Google and Apple and Facebook and Twitter all rolled up into one.  

Heather manages to be effective in all of her endeavors because she combines keen interpersonal skills with methodical, analytical, organized, detail-oriented thinking and a mind for understanding independent dynamic systems.  And as incredibly skilled and conscientious and self-assured as she is, she somehow still accomplishes all of these things with kindness, humor, equanimity, warmth, and a sensitivity to both the  people around her and the people who could be impacted by the work.  As someone who has grown very fond of this City in a short time, and believes in its capacity for progress, goodness, and sustainability, it is a source of both reassuring comfort and excited optimism to imagine Heather Hill serving Charlottesville as a member of our City Council.